Cheap Decorating Ideas for your Home

Are you looking for nice home decorations, but do not have the resources to buy all those modern-day expensive decors? Well, the solution to creating a nice home decor is to use cheap decorating ideas as well as DIY decorating ideas that you can easily make to revamp the look in your home. Here are some of the economical decorating ideas that you can follow for a new look in your favorite areas in the house:

Using indigenous resources is a great way to save money for your home decorations. For instance, this lovely bathroom decor is made from small tree branches with pretty buds installed in cheap glass vases with sugar. In this unique home decor, you only need to spend a little for the sugar as well as the cute vases. Aside from being cheap, it is also very easy to do.

If you are fond of lights and creating a warm ambiance in your living room at night, this is one of the alternative decorating ideas that you can do. Get empty bottles in varying sizes and place tea light candles inside them. To create unique light vases, wrap some patterned laces in various designs for that cheap candle holder decor.

Another cheap candle holder decor is this tall vases with some indigenous stones in it. Put some stones in black and white and arrange them in patterns or in an alternate fashion or you can also place them in random for that abstract look. Finally, place tea light candles or slim candles to light up the room at night. This home decoration is very pretty when placed in a a table top in your bedroom or living room.

For excellent decorations that you wont need to spend a dime is this very naturalistic home design. Use your worn out or old boots to serve as a pot for your flowering plants for that graceful and lovely look. if you don’t have ornamental plants, you can just a branch of a flowering tree for that everyday house decor. You can also paint the boots with your pattern of choice for additional design.

Walls with decorations are very lovely to look at. However, paintings and other wall decors may be expensive. In this line, this DIY wall decoration is pretty easy to do. Buy some baking or muffin cups in varying sizes. Glue smaller cups on top of bigger ones and install them in wall mounts for that Do-it-Yourself wall decorations. It is best to place them in kitchens or in the dining room.

For window decors, you can use old hot water bottles with prints and place some plants for that instant ornamental plant in your window. For added creativity, install them in mini swings that you can buy in DIY stores.

Another candle design is this very unique candle holders for living rooms.  Get some big candles and place wooden sticks or brown rolled papers around it. Secure the sticks with a string to stabilize the candle holder.

Some wall medallions can be expensive  but there are others that are cheap. Find those cheap wall or ceiling medallions in home decoration stores and install them strategically in your living room for that added style.

If you cant find cheap medallions, then you can use patterned paper plates or lightweight plastic plates for that matter. In this home decoration example, the plates are installed nicely in the dining room above a wooden table to decorate the wide wall space.

Now if you don’t want to spend anything for your wall decoration, just use old colorful magazines to make these lovely wall decorations. Fold each magazine page to make a fan and glue them together to form a circle. You can use varying paper sizes for cute circles in various circumference. You can use these decorations in your study room or even in bedrooms.

Decorating your home doesn’t mean that you need to spend so much. Just work on your imagination and creativity and you can easily revamp your home for a new look.
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